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Pro-Tech have all the solutions for your water needs connected to dry campinThere’s a reason they call it dry camping! Adequate water supplies are not only nice, they’re a necessity. ProTech RV carries what you need for getting water and getting rid of waste while exploring the great outdoors.

Most RVs can store water and waste for a few days, though any longer and you’ll need to get fresh water and empty your holding tanks. For storing water, ProTech offers a variety of water storage tanks to significantly increase your supply, and filtration systems for keeping water clean.



We Make Dry Camping EasierWe Have Water Solutions For Dry Campers

Our waste water disposal systems help you get rid of both black and grey water efficiently and without harming the environment. We also have a selection of pumps for bringing in fresh water, and eliminating waste water, more easily.

Ready to hit the trails with enough water to last throughout your adventure?
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Here’s Some of Our RV Water Solutions  Client’s Testimonials

I purchased and old Prevost bus conversion, and along with numerous other projects to make this vehicle more user-friendly for dry camping, Pro-Tech RV installed a 100 gallon fresh water tank by first fabricating a platform, installing the tank, and successfully tying into my existing fresh water system.

H. Boone


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