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Solar panels are the most efficient way of charging the deep cycle batteries on your RV, especially if you like to dry camp without hook-ups.

Furnaces, lights, water pumps, stereos, and other equipment can drain your batteries rapidly, and deep cycle batteries will not accept a rapid charge like a car battery will. And a generator would need to run for hours to properly charge a dead deep cycle.

That’s why we recommend using 6-volt lead acid batteries wired in series, which will greatly improve the amp hours for your system.  To keep the batteries charged, use a minimum 50 watt panel, depending on your usage requirements.


If using a power inverter, a larger panel is necessary, with multiple panels in some applications.

Pro-Tech installs uni-cell and/or multi-cell photovoltaic panels and voltage regulators with digital displays so you can check the status of your system at all times. In addition, our charge controllers are adjustable, allowing for either 6 or 12 volt batteries.

We can also install a power inverter system that enables you to use 110 volt appliances from your battery power supply.

Dependable, flexible, and low maintenance solar power options

Solar Solutions For Dry Campers

Whether your dry camping trips typically last just few days, or weeks on end, we know which system will work best for you and your equipment. Our solar power solutions include:

  • Solar charging kits that keep batteries fully charged
  • Solar electric panels—options that are efficient, lightweight, and durable
  • Solar charge controllers— to keep batteries healthy and prevent overcharging
  • Complete solar and inverter systems—everything you need for ongoing power
  • Temporary, portable solar power solutions, as well as permanent, low-maintenance options are available!  Water Solutions

Let us customize a solar power system that will run your coffee maker, TV’s, blender, hair dryer, and even your microwave oven. Contact us or stop by our showroom for more information.

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