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Pro-Tech RV can modify and customize any RV, Horse Trailer,  Utility Trailer, Etc., to meet your personal needs. We provide solutions for:

  • Dry camping power needs; Solar/Inverter/Batteries. Built-in and Portable Generators.
  • Satellite Systems; Roof mounted or Portable. Manual to Fully Automatic. Bring your TV Satellite receiver from home and never miss your favorite shows.
  • Customize Cabinets; Convert your TV cabinet for a flat screen TV upgrade.
  • Enclosed Underbellies; Allows for cold weather camping without plumbing freeze-ups. Helps keep warm air in the RV, Helps keep rodents out of your RV. Smoother air flow under your RV for better towing.
  • Increase Fresh & Waste Water Capacity; More water means longer stays (and less body odor).
  • Custom Receivers; Allows you to tow a small trailer or vehicle behind your trailer. ( Laws on towing doubles vary from state to state). Check with your state’s DMV office.
  • Welding/ Fabricating; Custom platforms, Mounts, Etc.
  • Appliance Upgrades; Replace your Water Heater with a Tank-less Water Heater, Install a 12 volt Evaporative Cooler, Upgrade your Microwave to a Micro/Convection Combo. Install an Ice Maker, Outside BBQ and/or Automatic Dishwasher.
  •  Handicap Access; Interior design modifications like this one;

This Beautiful Class A Motor Home was purchased from our sister Co. (The Outdoor Toy Store).  The customer has a relative that travels with them on occasion and is confined to a wheelchair. Pro-Tech RV removed the hallway/bathroom wall and the bathroom door w/wall. This included some relocating of electrical outlets and switches. Pro-Tech stained bi-parting doors to match the existing wood and installed them in place of the old walls. Thus allowing the doors to open out of the way for wheelchair access to the commode. 



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